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Chachapoyas Expeditions 10 Days
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This Nothern Tours combines short hikings and bus tours in the beautiful valley of Utcubamba, wonderful place with nice climate in the warm andean rea of Peru Chachapoyas Culture developed in the Northern Peru, The Chachapoyas, also called the Warriors of the Clouds, was a culture of Andean people living in the cloud forests of the Amazonas Region of present-day Peru. The Incas conquered their civilization shortly before the arrival of the Spanish in Peru. When the Spanish arrived in Peru in the 16th century, the Chachapoyas were one of the many nations ruled by the Inca Empire. Their incorporation into the Inca Empire had not been easy, due to their constant resistance to the Inca troops.


Day 1: Lima
Arrive Lima. Half day city tour of Lima exploring the colonial and modern aspects of the city. Overnight at Hotel in Miraflores Lima

Day 2: Lima - Chachapoyas
Transfer to the airport in Lima and fly to Chiclayo, where you will be met and transfer to Chachapoyas and your overnight accommodations at the Hotel in Chachapoyas. Visit Huancas, a village renowned for its pottery made by local women. A 15-minute walk takes you to a fabulous view of the Sonche Canyon.

Day 3: Karajia - Andes Mountains
Full-day excursion to the high cliff tombs of the Chachapoyas culture of Karajia. The journey takes three hours on winding mountain roads that cut into the majestic Andes. Hike 30 minutes to view one of the most unusual structures in pre-Colombian architecture: cliff-face burial sites. Admire this feat of engineering that has withstood the test of time. Overnight at the Hotel in Chachapoyas.

Day 4: Levanto - Yalape - Chachapoyas
Visit the village of Levanto, established in 1532, one of the oldest towns in the Americas. On the way, stop at the pre-Hispanic ruins of Yalape which include a well-preserved irrigation canal. Also admire a typical reconstructed Chachapoyan roundhouse. Optional 3-hour hike back to Chachapoyas on an Inca road. Overnight at the Hotel in Chachapoyas.

Day 5: Chachapoyas - Molinopampa - Chachapoyas
Drive along steep gorges and travel east of Chachapoyas to the village of Molinopampa, 90 minutes away. Horseback ride in the beautiful countryside, finishing at a warm spring. The local people believe that this spring cures anything from the common cold to more serious ailments. Overnight at the Hotel in Chachapoyas

Day 6: San Pedro - Cerro Olan - Laymebamba
Early morning journey traveling south of Chachapoyas following the impressive Utcubamba Canyon. Hike from the village of San Pedro to the ruins of Cerro Olan. Continue to the picturesque village of Laymebamba. Visit its museum which contains mummies found at the Laguna of the Condors in 1997. Overnight at a Laymebamba guest house.

Day 7: Leymebamba - Revash - Jalca Grande - Choctamal
Drive from Leymebamba to the funeral site of Revash. Walk for 2 hours for a view of funeral buildings perched high on a cliff. Then, a 2-hour drive to Jalca Grande, a traditional village of Amazonas. Drive to the other side of the canyon to the village of Choctamal. Overnight at Choctamal Lodge.

Day 8: Kuelap - Chachapoyas
A 45-minute drive to Kuelap and a 20-minute walk to see this immense fortress, one of the largest stone structures in the Americas. Situated on a ridge at 3000m, this pre-Inca walled city includes over 300 round buildings. Return to Chachapoyas. Overnight at the Hotel in Chachapoyas.

Day 9: Chachapoyas - Lima
Transfer to the airport and fly to Lima, where you will overnight in Miraflores.

Day 10: Lima Departure
Transfer to the airport and check in for your flight.


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