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Huayhuash Trekking 10 Days
US$ 800.00 per person

The Huayhuash range is 30 km long and has Himalayan characteristics and its peaks are, morphologically speaking, much more hilly and have more difficult access than those from the Cordillera Blanca. Aligned north to south, the main range of some twenty peaks stretches for approximately 25 km, with a subsidiary range of smaller peaks stretching out to the west for approximately 15 km. Six of the peaks exceed 6000 m. Included among them are Yerupaja (6617 m), the second highest mountain in Peru (behind Huascaran at 6768 m), and Siula Grande (6344 m), made famous by Joe Simpson in Touching the Void.

Huayhuash has become noted for trekking in the form of the Huayhuash Circuit, which is considered quite a challenge and is undoubtedly far more demanding than the famous Inca Trail in the south of Peru. Fewer people trek the Huayhuash range than the nearby Cordillera Blanca. The circuit generally takes between ten and fourteen days, depending on the route taken. Most of the walking, and most of the campsites, are above the 4000 m tree line, so the landscape appears rugged and mountainous, affording views over very wide areas. The area is noted for its spectacular glacial lakes. Hot springs can also be found in the area. Condors, llamas, alpacas and viscachas can be seen. Trekking is almost always undertaken in the dry winter months of May to September, and Peru Llma Trek with its office in Huaraz is the usual choice for organizing and hiring camping a/o logistical support. Chiquian was for a long time the "Gateway to the Huayhuash" but nowadays, daily buses (locally called colectivos) go deep into the mountains to the village Llamaq (3300 m) and with private transport, as far as Cuartelhain camp, reached both by road built in the late 90s and 2000s, becoming now the new trail heads for starting/ending.


Day 1: Huaraz Llamac - Cuartelhuain
Pack your bags as today we leave Huaraz for the town of Llamac. 5 hours. and explore the town. Altitude of Camp: 3,300 metres. We leave Huaraz and drive south. We cross wild paramo (puna), passing the southernmost peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. The Huayhuash range, containing in a single cluster seven of the highest and most dramatic summits in Peru, reveals itself on our descent to the small town of Llamac well continue going-up through the Pocpa valley, and theres a peasant town typical called Pocpa 3600 the last town in this Valley where we can buy some soda drinks for the sunny way, after a few hours trekking aprox. At 1 pm well have been arrived to Pallca where well have lunch. From here half hours well get our camping place Matacancha at 4100 masl. From here well appreciate the Ninashanca Mountain 5607 masl, Rondoy 5870 masl. Overnight camping at Cuartelhuain at 4200masl

Day 2: Cuartelhuain - Mitucocha
In the morning after the breakfast well get ready our things and at 8 am well start our trek, this time its going to be a bit difficult because the climbing to the pass will take us about 2 or 3 hours. From the pass well go down then well go-up aprox 30 minutes, well have lunch after the small climb, well take the alternative trail to get early the camping place and not for walking the same route the next day, in this route the passengers will appreciate the Andean rabbits called Vizcachas. Followed to catch by local citizens by its tasty meat, so once we have arrived to our camping place early well have time to go fishing around the lake while our cook prepares the dinner. We will camp at 4200 masl

Day 3: Mitucocha

Carhuacocha as always after our breakfast and packing our things, well start our trekking at 8 am today it is going to be easy. After 3 hours walking well reach the pass where well have lunch, well walk always enjoying the white peaked mountains such as Yerupaja, Jirishanca, and Siula, well get our camp place aprox at 3 or 4 pm. well be surprised by a beautiful lake, keeping the mountains silhouettes green colored, so we will have prepared our camp place in the special place facing to the lake. we will have camped at 4138 masl

Day 4: Caruacocha Huayhuash
At 8 am after breakfast we start our trekking, relaxed after the rest day before, after going-up aprox for one hour well get easy trail even going-up but not so difficult to get the Carnicero Pass at 4600, after the pass there are scenic places to have lunch next to the Carnicero lakes, from here a few kilometers going-down well arrive to our camping place, thats just next to the Jurau Lake or Huayhuash, PERU BERGSPORT always use this place due to its scenic, beautiful place faced to the beautiful mountains. well have camped here at 4350 masl.

Day 5: Huayhuash Viconga
After the breakfast well continue our trekking. Easy going-up to the Portachuelo de Huayhuash Pass. From here well go-down to the camp place Viconga to have lunch, and after it, go to the hot springs 20 minutes walking down from the camp place, the others who dont want go to the hot springs will have free afternoon and rest in the camp place. The camp place will be at 4450 masl.

Day 6: Viconga - Huanacpatay
This day well have moderate going-up to the highest pass in our whole trip, but the going-up will take us approximately 3 hours, so this time it will be enjoyable because the Cuyoc Mountain will be closer to us, we have reached the highest pass in our trekking the only one, after to get this pass we will go-down the Guanacpatay valley to have lunch, going-down from the pass is very dust and rocky after it, well reach the beautiful field full of grass to walk; where we will have lunch, after few hours walking well find our camping place in the peaceful Valley of Guanacpatay at 4300 masl

Day 7: Huanacpatay - Huatiac
Departure at 8 am, this time will be easy for the trekkers due to all going down only. Stopping for the lunch in Huayllapa continue, Huayllapa is the small isolated peasant village lies at 3700 masl. Citizens from this village made this small town even not having electricity or car trail arriving, so you can wonder how they made this village that now there is a school, first aid medical house Youll have the answer visiting this village, here the small Andean shops will provide us soda drinks, bears, and first house necessities. Then after the lunch in Huyallapa, we will continue hiking up for about 3 hours to get the next camp site of Huatiac, here we will camp at 4250 masl. Dinner and overnight.

Day 8: Huatiac - Cashpapampa
This time well have about 3 hours to go-up to the Tapush pass 4800masl, after to get the pass, we will walk down easy trail, we will arrive to the camp place early afternoon, here we will have plenty of time to relax its considered rest half day. From here we will feel that we are almost round the Huayhuash trekking, over night at 4400 masl

Day 9: Cashpapampa - Jahuacocha
After breakfast as always in the morning well start our trekking moderate going-up to the Yaucha Pass 4800 masl, in two hours well stay in the pass, after to rest for making pictures, well continue going down along the Huacrish ravine for aprox three or four hours, and suddenly well be surprised by a beautiful panoramic landscape. The Jahuacocha lake in the base of the mountains Jirishanca, Yerupaja, and Rondoy, beautiful green color lake that lies at 4066 masl. Where is our camp place, from our camp place we can enjoy the spectacular avalanches coming down from the base of the mountains Jirishanca. Next to our camp, well find a typical Mountain hut for sheepherders; and his owner Mr Delao Huaranga will receive us with a gentle treating just being friendly or to offer us the cool bear and soda waters. Its hard to find at this altitude the famous Coca Cola but tourists can find here in Mr Delaos Humble hut, that he sells to the visitors or to people who camp in Jahuacocha, of course the tourists who want to know more about the Jahuacocha and the mountains Mr Delao Huaranga will provide the additional information and tourists enjoy asking for the lifestyle in the mountain as Mr Delao Huarangas living with his lot of sheep. Overnight in Jahuacocha at 4066 masl

Day 10: Jahuacocha - Llamac Huaraz
this time we will feel that we have to leave the most beautiful long trekking, well go-up easy walking to the Pampallamac place where well say good bye to the Huayhuash Mountains, a few meters down well have lunch, after resting for a few minutes well go-down to Llamac town arriving at 1 or 2 pm aprox then well leave Llamac town driving down along the Llamac river until Timpoc, where the Llamac river and the Pacllon river joins, and from here well start going-up to Chiquian along the Ainin river, arriving to Chiquian at 12m aprox, the passengers will walk round the village, and after continue to Huaraz for 3 hours drive we will get Huaraz non-stop, Hotel

We offer the following services

• Collection from your hotel in the morning
• Transportation by public bus to the start of the trail (Llamac, beginning of the trip)
• English speaking professional trekking guide
• Sleeping tents - 2 persons in each capacity tent with plenty of space for your backpacks and better comfort.
• Double thickness foam mattress
• Kitchen tent, Dining tent with camp tables and chairs
• Accommodations: 9 nights camping
• Accommodation for our crew
• Hot water every morning and evening for washing purposes (while hiking)
• Cook and Cooking equipment (only if more than five passengers)
• Excellent Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
• food includes pancakes, omelets, soups, fresh fruit, avocado, pasta, chicken, fish, meat, rice, all rich in carbohydrates and suitable for trekking, hot drinks including coca leaf tea which is excellent for the altitude
• We supply boiled water to fill in your water bottle all the time,(while hiking) if you may need more, please request it with enough time ahead to your crew
• Teatime (tea, coffee, biscuits, popcorn)
• Horses and Donkeys days (for equipment and personal items, actually your main heavy stuff, will be carried by the horses, it means you only will carry a small day bag, day by day, we included
• Public Bus returning from Llamac to Huaraz City
• Transfer to your hotel

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