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Peru Vacation Travel 22D - Southern Peru Explorations Popular Turistic Places
US$ 2800.00 per person

Summer Vacation Travel, ideally for big groups, alumni travel, ralaxing travel in confortable Buses, 3*** Hotels. Personal Assistance duiring the whole tour.
Unique Tour of 22 days ideally for Summer Vacation Travel in Groups or family Travel, in this tour is included all most Popular Turistic Places in the southern Peru, Visiting such as: Lima - Paracas - Ica - Nazca - Arequipa - Colca Valley and Canyon - Puno Lake Titicaca - Cusco - Machupicchu - Lima


1 Day: Europe / USA Lima
reception in the International Airport Lima Peru and transfer to the selected Hotel in Miraflores, overnight in Lima

2 Day: Lima City Tours
After the breakfast passengers will be picked up from your hotel at 10:00 a.m.The city tour begin with the visit to the Plaza the Armas, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Running along two sides are arcades with shops: Portal de Escribanos and Portal de Botoneros.
In the center of the Plaza is a bronze fountain dating from 1560. Located in the Plaza is the Cathedral, note the splendidly carved stalls, the silver covered altars surrounded by fine woodwork, mosaic covered walls bearing the coats of arms of Lima and Pizarro. Next to the Cathedral is the Archbishops Palace. Then youll visit the the XVII century Monastery of San Francisco, this is famous for the Sivillian tilework and panelled ceiling in the cloisters, the catacombs under the church and part of the monastery are well worth seeing, Youll visit the old colonial streets in the centre of the city, and the modern Lima with the district of San Isidro and Miraflores. We will also visit the Peruvian Gold Museum, this excellent collection includes pre-Columbian gold, silver and bronze, ceramics, weavings, mummies, etc. Upstairs is a remarkable arms collections with an impressive exhibition from Spanish colonial times. At the end transfer back to your hotel

3 Day: Lima Paracas Ballestas Island
After the breakfast in the Hotel in Lima we will take morning bus to Paracas it will take us 3 hours by Bus,, when we wrrive to Paracas port we will have lunch then aboard the small motor boats and sail to the Paracas Island, we will visit the islands and sea wolves and pinguins, from the sea we will see enigmatic figure in the bay shape of Candles holding CANDELABRO the tour lasts for about 3 hours, we will finish the tour approximately at 3 or 4pm, then we will accommodate in the Hotel in Paracas and overnight in hotel Paracas (only for reserved previous)

4 Day: Paracas Ica

after the breakfast in the Hotel in paracas, we will visit the Reserve Natinal of Parcas, wonderful ara we will drive south side of Paracas, we will visit the parcas bay visiting nice and natural shped towers in the bay called CATEDRAL ad others, we will have been contemplated by nice and calm beaches in the Pacific Ocean, then we will come back to the Paracas port and have Lunch, and drive to Ica for 1 hour, we will accommodate in the Hotel in Ica and visit the OASIS OF HUACACHINA, the visit will last for about 2 hours and come back to Ica, dinner and overnight in Ica. Oasis of Huacachina is about 4 Km from the center of Ica

5 Day. Ica Nazca
after the breakfast in Ica, we will take the morning Bus and start travelling south side, by the Pan-American highway, the voyage will take us about 2 hours, we will arrive to Nazca and transfer to the selected hotel and accommodation, the visit the indicated touristic places, in our way we will have lunch in the selected restaurant.

Aqueducts of Nazca (Puquios) Cantayoc
Archaeological remains of the Nazca culture, it shows the high development reached in hydraulic engineering, complex of underground aqueducts and reservoirs.
Paredones (walls)
Archaeological Inca center, located at 2 km (1.24 miles) East of Nazca. Constructions of plazas, deposits, fortresses, ceremonial center. Cahuachi

was a ceremonial center, a sacred destination of Nazca pilgrims between 100 and 500 AD. The ceremonies in the place included the construction of temples using thousands of conical or wedge adobe bricks. Each participating community demonstrated their true belonging to their religious community by singing, dancing and banqueting, thus explaining why in Cahuachi there is little garbage, while offerings abound (pan flutes and musical drums, sacrificed llamas and guinea pigs, fine textiles, human burials and pottery representing deities). Main cultural-urban center, built with great urban sense. The ancient Nazca people built their pyramidal temples by terracing the fossil sand dunes. In the lowers parts, smaller architectural mounds, streets and squares give the site a general city aspect. Attached to this town were also discovered (1980) a group of lines traced on the floor in form of trapezes and serpentines that embrace 1 square km. It is located at 27 km (16.77 miles) to south of Nazca.


Archaeological complex of the Nazca culture, solar observatory, on platforms made of adobes and columns of huarangos trunks (variety of tree). This archaeological complex is near to Cahuachi. Chauchilla Pre-Inca cemetery, in which the profanation of tombs by the huaqueros, have left open some tombs in which you can appreciate the old inhabitants remains. It is located at 28 km (17.4 miles) to the south of Nazca.

Located at 100 km (62 miles) to the S of Nazca, it is a rich location of fossil remains, especially of whales and primitive sharks of the Tertiary Era. Small paleontological museum. To arrive to this area, you should take the Pan-American South Highway until kilometer 539 and take a detour of 1.5 km to the museum site. Planetarium

Maria Reich
Venturing into boundaries of the world archae-astronomy, the Nazca Lines show present Maria Reiches theory, and the connection she found between the Nazca Lines and some astronomical events. She theorized the lines were oriented towards the places on the horizon where different celestial objects appeared and disappeared. After the show, weather permitting in a backyard exploration of the night sky, have a naked-eye view of the constellations and bright stars of the season along with telescope, observation of the moon, planets, and other celestial marvels. Located in Jr. Bolognesi N 300 Hotel Nazca Lines.

Punta San Juan de Marcona Reserved Area
Located in the coast area, to the west of the Nazca city, it is an extraordinary marine ecosystem of great biodiversity; it has a little extension of 54 hectares and has the biggest population of sea lions (seals) of the Peru concentrates. The peninsula is characterized by its abrupt cliffs 30 meters high that hinder the access, from the high part, to the eighteen beaches that are formed at level of the reef. Besides the sea lions, in this Reserved Area inhabits the biggest colony of penguins of Humboldt (Spheniscus humboldtii) (it is considered that concentrates more than 50% of the total population of this species on the Peru), as well as zarcillos (Larosterna inca) and the three main species of dung birds (guaneras). While the sea lions are located in the beaches and salient rocky, the penguins look for the protection of the cavities that they are formed in the walls of the cliffs and the birds rest and they nest in the sharp hillsides and in the plateau that extends in their higher area

NOTE: all this area will be visited according the time

6 Day. Nazca lines Jet tours Flights over Nazca Lines Camana

After the breakfast in the Hotel in Nazca, we will take the morning Flights over Nazca Lines, then we will have lunch and Drive to Camana Village, dinner and overnight in Camana in Hotel de Turistas

The Nazca Lines are located in the arid Peruvian coastal plain, some 400 km south of Lima, the geoglyphs of Nazca and the pampas of Jumana cover about 450 sq. km. The Nazca Lines, which were scratched on the surface of the ground between 500 B.C. and A.D. 500, are among archaeologys greatest enigmas because of their quantity, nature, size and continuity. The geoglyphs depict living creatures, stylized plants and imaginary beings, as well as geometric figures several kilometers long. They are believed to have had ritual astronomical functions

7 Day: Camana Arequipa
After the breakfast in the Hotel we will start visiting the following turistic places:

* Archaeological Museum of Instituto Superior Pedaggico La Inmaculada
* Archaeological Museum of the Municipality Jos Mara Quimper El Cardo.
* Landscape Circular, make city tour in circular to observe the wonderful landscape around the village.
* EL CARDO Circuit place of the first foundation of Spaniards in the South part of Peru, important place with views of evidences of Spanish settlements. Inca trails, stores, archaeological center
* Petroglifics, carved in stones from 4.000 years.
* Hill El Castillo atalaya or fortaleza enclaved, placed half of the hill which was used as a watch tower, with one access dominate of the whole valley, dated of the pre-incas period.
* we will visit the traditional village and the wonderful gardens where we will take fruits and walking under fruit plants during our visit we will have lunch in a recommended restaurant then in the afternoon we will go to Arequipa, transfer direct to our selected hotel in Arequipa

8 Day: Arequipa City Tours

After the breakfast in the morning we will start with the city tours in Arequipa, visiting the Main Square The Plaza de Armas one of the best in Peru, the Cathedral where we can observe the example of the architecture of the XIX century that storages the ornaments of gold and silver, the Compania Church the ancient temple of the Jesuits perhaps more important for its traditional history with a beautiful decoration in its columns, carved in limestone, laurels crown, flowers, birds, etc. after we will have lunch in recommended restaurant then in the afternoon we will visit the Campia of Arequipa and the Moline of Sabandia which dates from 1621 with the force of water and actually is in permanent function. La pent house of the funder of Arequipa dates from XVI century belongs to Major from that period, dinner and overnight in hotel Arequipa

9 Day: Arequipa Chivay

after the breakfast in the Hotel in Arequipa we will aboard our car and drive to Chivay, the paved trail lead us towards Chachani volcano passing by the area of pampagaleras where we can appreciate herds of wild vicuas, and alpacas, our journey will be in the highlands cold wind dry cold, we will travel in the land characterized by the volcanic earth or volcanic ashes, after 5 hours driving we will arrive to Chivay and immediately transfer to the selected hotel and lunch, then in the afternoon we will go to hot springs of la Calera, then return to Chivay, dinner and overnight in Colca Valley Chivay

10 Day: Chivay Cruz de Condor Colca Canyon
After breakfast in the Hotel in Chivay early for the highlight of your day a glorious view of Colca Canyon. Head with your guide to the Condor Cross viewpoint, which 3,960 feet (1,200 meters) high boasts fabulous views of the canyon, one of the deepest in the world. In addition to the canyon vistas, youll also hopefully catch sight of condors flying through the air. Symbols of the Andes, these enormous birds have wingspans of up to 10.5 feet (3.2 meters), and Condor Cross is one of the best places in the area to see them! Next, visit the villages of Maca (Achoma) and Yanque, where you can admire their well-preserved colonial churches before enjoying lunch and relaxing on the drive to Cabanaconde, for Dinner and Overinght

11 Day: Cabanaconde Arequipa
after the breakfast in the Hotel in Chivay, we will aboard our car and drive along the Colca valley, as we go along the valley it will be more deep, we will drive in the left of the colca river, we will appreciate nice landscape which combines the small villages with its typical housing in the area. we will start our journey in Chivay then we will pass by Yanque, Achoma, Maca, Pinchillo, and arrive to Mirador CRUZ DEL CONDOR, here we will stop for the Control and pay entrance fees and observe Condors Flying in the highest of the Colca Canyon, we will spend time taking pictures of Condors that curiously flies almost touching the visitors, then after to enjoy the magnificent of Colca Canyon we will continue to the last village of Colca Valley which is Cabanaconde, here we will have lunch in the selected restaurant and aboard our bus and return to Arequipa direct drive for approximately 7 hours arriving to Arequipa around 8pm. transfer direct to the hotel, dinner and overnight in Arequipa

12 Day: Arequipa Puno

after the breakfast in the Hotel in Arequipa, we will start driving to Puno. towards the Chachani Volcano, then after 5 hours driving we will stop in Julica for the lunch and then continue one hour more to Puno, transfer to the selected hotel, free afternoon, dinner and overnight in Hotel in Puno.

13 Day: Puno UROS Floating Islands Amantani

after the breakfast in the Hotel in Puno, we will be transferred to the harbour of Puno in the shore of Lake Titicacam then aboard the motor boat and sail to floating Islands UROS, after to sail for about 15 minutes we will arrive to UROS Islas Flotantes, here we will apreciate a small viallge inside of water, where locals use to neat from the rid plants called Totora their own islands and live inside it, we will visit the primary school floating school, many houses, and we will be introduced the Indian culture by our guides. after to its this island for about half hour we will continue travelling to Amantani Islands, the voyage will take us for about 4 hours, arriving to the Amantani Island for about 3 pm, then once arriving to the amantani island we will be received by the locals, each local people take turns taking 2 passengers by list for housing, that is the no changeable rule of the Amantani Island, then they will prepare our dinner which will be around 6pm, and then immediately we will be invited to the local communal house for the Indian local party, meaning of welcome to the visitors, the party lasts for about 2 hours, then come back to each house for overnight in Amantani a wonderful experience in the middle of the lake titicaca.

14 Day: Amantani Taquile Puno

the locals in the house where we slept will prepare breakfast, the house owner will take us to the harbour to say us good bye, our net voyage is to Taquile Island, another island in the middle of the lake with different culture, the sail will take us for about 2 hours. then arriving to Taquile island we will climb us stone stairs to get the main square of Taquile Comunity, then here we will have lunch and visit the Inka terraces and Inka arcs, then descend by the other side of the Island, before we have to visit the local communal house where locals sell their products to the visitors, this Island is characterized by kneading and women who dress their typical clothes. Then ago down to the harbor and sail back to Puno arriving to 5pm transfer to the Hotel dinner and overnight in Puno

15 Day: Puno City Tours Sillustani
after the breakfast in Puno Hotel, we will start visiting the city of Puno with some interesting places, such as Main square, Cathedrals, pint of view of the lake titicaca and more, then we will have lunch in Puno in the selected restaurant, then in the early afternoon we will aboard the car and drive to north side for about 15 kms then drive to the Lake Umayo where is located the cylindrical shape of Chulpas called SILLUSTANI, the incas funeral big towers made of stone, this archaeological ruins is located almost in the middle of the lake Umayo with many legends and histories, then after to visit for about two hours we will back to Puno, dinner and overnight in Puno

16 Day: Puno Cusco

after the breakfast in Puno, we will aboard our bus to Cusco, we will drive to the north side of Puno, passing by Julica, along the trail to Cusco we will visit many interesting touristic places, such as: Pucara 3999masl, here we will visit the ruins and the museum, then continue to La ray Pass 4335masl the boundary of the Departments Cusco and Puno, we will make short stop to make pictures and this is the highest point in the way, then continue to Sicuani 3800masl a province of Cusco where we will have Buffet Lunch, typical by the traditional houses with roof tiles, then after lunch continue to Raccho Ruins the temple of Wiracocha, we will visit these ruins and continue to visit the Church of Adahuaylillas, wonderful paintings from the colonial times and the architecture, then finally to Cusco 3400masl, transfer direct to the Hotel dinner and overnight in Cusco

17 Day: Cusco City Tours
after the breakfast in the hotel you will visit the Temple of the Sun Qoricancha which was the most important temple in the time of the Inkas. Qoricancha is home to some of the finest stonework in Peru and is now home to the Dominicans. After a full guided tour of Qoricancha you will walk through the city of Cusco to the main square and the Cathedral. The cathedral constructed in the 17 century has brilliant examples of Colonial art and has the famous painting, then we will have lunch in the selected restaurant in Cusco, then in the afternoon we will aboard the bus and continue with the city tours which is Included and we will visit Sacsayhuaman, Quenco, Pucapucara and Tambomachay after to visit all these ruins we will came back to Cusco dinner and overnight in Cusco

18 Day: Sacred Valley Tours
after the breakfast in the Hotel we will take from your hotel, hostel etc in the morning around 8:30, we will then proceed to the archaeological complex of Pisac which shows the majestic abilities of the Inkas, in addition you will be able to appreciate all the Urubamba valley from the top of the complex, later we will visit the artisan market of Pisac where you will be able to make purchases of crafts of very good quality.

We will continue through the valley up to the small town of Granary where we will stop for lunch in the restaurant the Cart we will continue on to the Inka town of Ollantaytambo which conserves its streets with Inka houses. Will rise to the top of the archaeological complex of the same name to appreciate the majesty and beauty that it has to offer.
Later we will continue to the town of Chinchero where we will be able to appreciate the best of Inka textiles with the same style that has been done there for 500 years.
The tour will finish at around 19:00pm in the center of Cusco

19 Day: Cusco Aguas Calientes
breakfast early in the Hotels, then transfer to the train station Hunchac, the Backpacker train leaves at 6:15am to Aguas Calientes, after the 4 hours journey we will arrive at 10.15am to Aguas Calientes, then we will accommodate in the selected hotel, and lunch around 1pm in Aguas calientes, then after the lunch we will go to the Hot springs in the afternoon, then free time to walk around the village, dinner and overnight in Aguas calientes Village

20 Day: Aguas Calientes Macchupichu Cusco
breakfast in the Hotel in Aguas Calientes and start hiking up to Machupicchu ruins. passing by Puente Ruinas, then start Inkas stairs path walk up for about 2 hours to get the Machupicchu citadel, we will arrive first before lots of people arrive from Inka Trail and we will have time to enjoy visiting machupicchu, then we will visit until half day and come back with Bus or walking, to arrive to aguas calientes at 1:00pm for the lunch, then prepare our bags and go to the train station, the train leaves at 3:55pm and arrives to Cusco at 8:20pm, transfer direct to the selected hotel, dinner and overnight in Cusco

21 Day: Cusco Lima
after the breakfast in Hotel in Cusco, passengers will be transferred to the Airport in Cusco, then take the morning flight to Lima (according the flight schedule) then after 1 hour flight passengers arrive to Lima airport then will be transferred to the selected Hotel in Miraflores district, lunch and free afternoon for shopping, dinner and overnight in Hotel in Lima

22 Day: Lima USA / Europe

according the international flight schedule passengers will be transferred to the International Airport by our PERU BERGSPORT staff and end of our services

Services Included:

- Pick-up from Internationals Airport our companys tour leader
- Transfer from International Airport Lima to your Hotel in Miraflores Lima Peru
- Hotel 4 stars 3 Nights in Lima Peru
- City Tours in Lima
- Comfortable modern Full equipped Bus for the round peru tours
- Hotel 3star category in Paracas one night
- Ballestas Island Tours included all entrance fees
- Hotel 3 star category in Ica one night
- City Tours in Ica
- Hotel 3 Star Category in Nazca one night
- Nazca Lines over flight included entrance fees
- Hotel 3 star Category in Arequipa 3 nights
- Sightseeing Tours to Colca Valley and Colca Canyon two days
- Hotel in Colca valley Chivay 2 star Category one night
- Hotel in Puno 3 star Category 3 nights
- Tours to Floating Islands all entrance included in the Laketiticaca
- Hotel in Cusco 3 star category 4 nights
- Tours to Sacred Valley included entrance fees
- Cusco City Tours
- Macchupicchu Ruins Tours included all entrance fees
- Train Tickets from Ollantaytambo to Machupicchu in/out
- Domestic flight from Cusco to Lima
- Hotel in Machupicchu 3 star Category one night
- Transfer from your Hotel in Miraflores to International Airport Lima Peru for Flight back Home
- Domestic Airport tax

Not Included:

- International Airline Tickets
- All meals Lunch and Dinner ( passengers will be taken to selected restaurant)
- Tips for the guide and driver
- All personnel items such as: Insect repellent, sun block cream, toiletries, photo suppliers, personal clothes and laundry
- Extra personal medicines
- Travel Insurance
- International Airport Tax

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